Homeopathy at its best for Hair fall disorders

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Published: 31st October 2012
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In the world of today, working at an express pace, there has been inevitable increase in the stress levels amongst the people. Ever since before, hair fall has been its invariable associate. Major causes of hair fall today include:

* Hormonal Imbalance
* Heredity
* Poor Nutrition
* Emotional Disturbances/Stress
* Systemic diseases
* Local Infection
* Aging
* Auto-immune affections

Amongst all these causes of hair fall we understand that about 90% of the causes are internal causes or causes not directly related to the hair. Then, why do we resort to local means for treatment of such a disorder? Hairfall is the external expression of the internal dismay. Then is it not futile to keep treating a manifestation and not target the cause? What results do we expect with such an approach? No wonder we keep getting patient of hair loss with a mere temporary relief and the complaints recurring again and again. A disease with such high cosmetic significance needs to be handled in a very defined and meticulous manner. Most of the treatments just treat the external expressions not taking into account the internal derangement.

Homeopathy here has something to proffer. Homeopathy has been showing miraculous result when it comes to most of the forms of hair fall.

Homeopathy has reasons to work

* Homeopathy acts on the defective immune response
* Homeopathy pays heed to the family histories and genetic predispositions
* Homeopathy considers hairfall to be an internal disease and not a local or an external derangement
* Consideration of all levels with regards to a disease, i.e. physical and mental, to be precise, a holistic approach

Homeopathic treatment for hairfall comes to an ideal and lasting retrieval. Some ĎOn the moveí prescriptions for treating hairfall.

Acid Phos, only remedy in Homeopathy for alopecia occurring after grief or sorrow.

Homeopathic remedies indicated in cases having hairfall after repeated attacks of headaches are Aurum Met, Hepar Sulph, Nitric acid and Phosphorus.

Natrum mur is the indicated remedy for hairfall occurring when the head is touched

An effective homeopathic remedy for hairfall after vaccination is Thuja.

We also have two great remedies Vinca Minor and Phosphorus commonly used in cases of hairfall. But for faster and easier prescription we can compare them.

Phosphorus has hairfall in spots with profuse dandruff with premature graying of hair. Hair comes out in bunches. Whereas, Vinca minor is a remedy which has corrosive itching of the scalp with foul smelling eruptions on the head, face and also behind the ears. Live vermin present on the scalp. Entangled hair causing plica polonica. Hair falling out wherein the lost hair are replaced with grey hair. Bald spots are covered with short, wooly hair. Moist eruptions on the head containing vermin causing night itching with burning and intense scratching.

Also of great help is the Homeopathic remedy Ustilago, useful in cases of hairfall with intense dryness and heat of the scalp and congestion. Filthy mass of inflammation is present on the scalp constantly oozing out a watery serum.

Right since the ancient past hair has been attributed as a personís might and allure. Hair though being an external adjunct account to the completeness of a person. Healthy hair indicate health, energy and youthfulness whereas, white hair or no hair relate to aging and weakness. Bald headed or grey-haired people are known to suffer isolation, lack of confidence and thus depression. Selecting the right path towards treatment of hairfall is the need for today. External relief is no relief in true sense. Donít you feel Homeopathy to be the most apt system for such a disease? We Homeopaths are privileged to be a part of the system which heads to the correct path.

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